Integrated Solutions for Technical Support

Emphasizes on proper, prompt and high quality of services, dedicated to your needs mainly aimming to your business level growth.

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emphasizes on the proper, fast and quality provision of services!

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Flixible outsoursing support services designed to cover your IT needs to any level!

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Technical Support

The major and most important services that includes Equipment proactive maintenance Operation recovery, Hardware Service, Printing support, etc


Servers, Notebooks, Desktop PC's, Monitors, printers, etc

Software Development

Web Applications on demand, Web Sites, Desktop Applications, database applications


Structured cabling networks (Voice/Data), Call center installation and support, Incoming call recording software-system installation and support, Special Telephony-Call center applications



In the particularly tough and competitive environment where today’s businesses are developing, competition is a concept connected with the effective use of Information Technology. Microquest, knowing that IT is a useful and important tool in the hands of the modern Businessman, particularly emphasizes on the proper, fast and quality provision of services, a particularly difficult but also essential area even for your business’ survival. Having the human resources, the know-how, the long experience but also a meticulously selected network of associates in all the big cities in Greece, as well as own branches in Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete, it is able to effectively respond to any challenge, providing high level services throughout the country. .


Intergrated IT Solutions

For us the direct contact, the quickest possible solution of the problems and the human communication are significant factors for any collaboration. Microquest’s people always manage to overcome our expectations and develop exceptional solutions for whatever we require. Moreover, they have shown from the very beginning that they truly care for the customer's interest and this was a crucial factor for the consolidation of our collaboration.

Software Development

We design and implement software applications on demand making use of state of the art technologies such as: .NET Framework, JQUERY, JAVA, ANDROID, SQL

Networking & Telecomunications

We undertake the entire network design and installation, covering not only the simple requests but also the special ones, providing a functional and modern network environment, which shall optimize the business operation.

Advanced IT solutions

Microquest, knowing that IT is a useful and important tool in the hands of the modern Businessman, particularly emphasizes on the proper, fast and quality provision of services, a particularly difficult but also essential area even for your business’ survival.

Technical support

Incomplete maintenance and support of a company's computerization system has many times resulted in the loss of important data without any possibility of recovering them and sometimes in its complete damage. The protection of your equipment and further on of your investment, but also the assurance of its optimized performance, shall be achieved with the quality of the services we provide and which are guaranteed with our experience and know-how.
Technical Support Contracts

We undertake the installation, preventive maintenance of your equipment, restoration of its operation in case of damage.

Server maintenance contracts

We undertake the installation, preventative maintenance, and repair of all your printers, with immediate (24-hour) response to any of your requests.

Hardware maintenance contracts

We undertake the installation, preventative maintenance and repair of all types of computing material, with immediate (24 hour) response to your every request.

Our Clients

Some of the major firms not only in Greece, but also in the greater Balkans’ area have already chosen Microquest as one of their main associates in the field of technical support. The following are mentioned indicatively:

Bill Cost
Cook shop
Ηospital line
Imperial Tobacco Hellas

Online support request.

Use the online contact form to register directly and report any technical problem and we shall contact you immediately, or if you are already Microquest’s customer use the online registration form for technical support and avoid any possible delay using the call center.


Sometimes it is better to leave others' opinion to describe what we are and how we can help you take your business to the next level:

D. Arvanitis

ΙΤ Manager

There are several such support companies, but what impressed us from our first contacts with Microquest was its people. The friendly attitude, the courtesy combined with their training and vision have won us over. It's been almost ten years since then and what I could say is that at Microquest the philosophy of its people remains the same as the company evolves, constantly upgrading its service quality and setting new goals. Trust, confidentiality, and smooth collaboration in the neuralgic field of computer systems is a key driver in the design for the smooth operation and development of our company..

H. Hatzigeorgiou

General Manager

Microquest has helped us effectively upgrade our network speeds as well as improve the overall operating cost of our IT department.

G. Sarafidis

General Manager

With Microquest we have long-standing cooperation, which is sealed by immediate response, consistency and efficiency. Microquest's highly trained executives provide day-to-day technical support for our computer network and our stores. Troubleshooting is always immediate and effective

G. Solidakis

ΙΤ Manager

Adequacy, versatility, initiative, suggestions and personal interest in customer support create the framework of cooperation necessary for the smooth running and development of a business especially in our highly demanding multinational environment. Keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field, they offer the capabilities that technology provides, according to our needs, with speed, accuracy and professionalism. Its after-sales policy is truly an example to follow.

G. Drakidis

ΙΤ Manager

For us, direct contact, problem solving as quickly as possible, and human communication are particularly important factors in any cooperation. The people at Microquest have always been able to exceed our expectations and develop excellent solutions to what we ask for. Moreover, they have shown from the first moment that they are genuinely interested in the interest of the customer and this has been the key to consolidating our cooperation.

Contact us

Microquest’s headquarters are located in Athens, with branches in Thessaloniki and Heraklion, thus providing direct services to meet its associates’ needs. Working hours: 9:00 - 17:30 (Mo - Fri).


Vat: 095566527
GEMI: 121719602000

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